Wonderful Weekends – Little Meadows and Savage River

During these last few weeks of school, it gets harder and harder to want to go to work.  We try to pack a whole week into my two days off.  Yesterday we walked around the lake at Little Meadows and took some stale bread to feed the fish, but there weren’t many, just the standard gaggle of geese that are always there.


We enjoyed the weather and looking at the water and sky!  Gorgeous!  Our neck of the woods is so beautiful!!!






We usually see some snakes in the rock wall, but it must’ve been too chilly for them.

Today we went to down to the river and let the kids splash around and explore, but JT was so tired, she could barely toast her marshmallows.




Boots got filled with mud and a great time was had by all until a nap was needed so desperately, we had to come home!  And Joss needed to rest a bit, too.


So very blessed!

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