Wild Kingdom . . .with Sid Turner

Years ago, I used to board my horses at the barn across the river from Sid’s hunting cabin, which is the location of our present day house.  One day, while trying to get a young horse to cross the river, I fell in.  It was November.  Chilly!  So I stripped down to my long johns and finished the ride anyway!  Everybody at the barn teased me for years after that.  They were sure that Sid had caught me on one of his trail cams riding in my long underwear.  Now I realize, they were right!

His cameras catch some mighty strange sights!


Say what?


Big ole butt, oh yeah!




And now, the most amazing trail cam pic eva!!!  I love this one!  Isn’t he stunning?

We thought for sure this eagle family had a big nest on our road.  A professor from Frostburg State came to check it out, but he said it was just an abandoned hawk’s nest.  We have never seen the Eagle’s nest!  I hope they’re still flying nearby.




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