What’s Next? Options!!!

Thanks to Rita Crowe for tagging me in a link on FB about the Governor’s Buy Local Cookout (http://mda.maryland.gov/pages/buy-local-cookout.aspx).  I emailed Karen Fedor and was given approval to submit a recipe (since I have no formal culinary training, I gave her my life history in the restaurant biz) so I picked the Garlic Basmati Rice with Summer Squash recipe from the blog and added some mushrooms!  I’m excited to hear whether we’ll get the go-ahead or not.  My recipe may be included in the Governor’s Buy Local Cookout cookbook.  I’ll be published!!!  Ben and Hana Yoder at Savage River Farm have agreed to supply all of the food except the rice:   chickens for the stock, the veggies, and the home-grown mushrooms!!!  The actual cookout involves cheffing up enough food to feed 300 people with only the bare necessities.  Right up my alley!

I also called the Garrett County Health Department today to find out more about the Cottage Food Business laws (http://extension.umd.edu/mredc/specialty-modules/cottage-food-business-law-md) so I can make baked goods and sell them at Farmer’s Markets and events . . . from my home kitchen.  I think it’s a great starting point and am so looking forward to learning more about it and the possibilities!!!  While I was exploring my options, I contacted the very nice gentleman in charge of the Springs Farmer’s Market and Flea Market (http://www.springspa.org/farmers-market.php), which would be a perfect venue for some of my goodies!  Apparently the Amish ladies who take their baked good to the Farmer’s Market offer some extremely stiff competition!!! LOL!  They’ve already run two bakers like me out of the joint.  Hmmm.

While we’ve been making decisions and moving forward with plans, we have also made some fantastic memories over the last coupla weeks!!!  Sid turned 53 and we had a party for him at Fratelli’s with lots of friends and the fam.  This kid loves a birthday party and we ended up singing “Happy Birthday” three times!  I love this picture, Joss, Mac and Sid – and that birthday cake.  That amazing, high dollar German Chocolate Rapture/Sin on a plate/Heaven/It’s So Good It’s Bad Cake from Jennifer’s Desserts.  No wonder the people who work for her need top secret clearance.


I bought a new rug that was out of my comfort zone.  After 100 posts on FB persuading me to give a rug a chance, I decided to keep it.  Wow.  It’s cray-cray.


BTW, the red pillows are in the car to go back. LOL!  We only had a couple days to enjoy the screen porch before Old Man Winter decided to come back for another round.  Grrrrrrrr!!!!

But, the one nice spring Saturday that we had, we took the kids mushroom hunting (morels).  Actually, we just let the cousins play and enjoy the beautiful weather.



And we took them all to Savage, even the pups!




Needless to say, we didn’t find any mushrooms, but the other Turners had some Goldfish crackers for the kids to fight over.



Our first big dose of Vitamin D felt amazing.  Then it started to snow.

Welcome to Garrett County.

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6 Responses to What’s Next? Options!!!

  1. Jen

    So excited for you over these new opportunities! You’ll do great!

  2. Profile photo of Julie

    Thanks for the moral support! I’ll be keeping everyone posted! And looking for recruits who enjoy sweating at the Statehouse. LOL!

  3. Sarah L.

    ThIs is amazing! And I’d much rather buy your yummies instead of any Amish ones! Keep doing what you’re doing! You are on the path for amazing things to continue coming your way!

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Thanks so much, Sarah. Any ideas about what to make for Springs? My source, Sid’s sister, said everybody goes for the homemade Amish donuts early in the mornings. I remember them having homemade bread and pies last year, lotsa jellies and jams. I know the Cottage License doesn’t allow for anything that can spoil without refrigeration … except some buttercream frostings and they’re iffy. I wonder about sourdough and some artisan/herb and flat breads without cheese??? Cookies and muffins?

  4. Rita

    Oh Julie, so hoping you get the okay for the Governor’s Buy Local Cookout — I’m certain it is going to be your “breakout role”! Need help, let us know. Food for 300 sounds like your deck in the summer, so no problem there! As for Springs, cupcakes? Good for eating on the spot, or to take home. Yummy cookies? And yes, artisan breads with herbs, since that regular white Amish loaf could use some competition. Just my initial thoughts…Go, go, go!

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Thanks, Rita! Sounds like a plan! I’ll also check on the availability of tables for the other Farmer’s Markets – in Maryland! The one at the mall or on the Downtown Cumberland Mall may be worth exploring. This venue is perfect because the tables are only about $10 (at least at Springs). Not much risk involved.

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