Trail Cam Pics: Bobcat, Strange Company and Comment a Caption!

This is my all-time favorite trail cam pic.  I spent hours looking for this photo because this cat is so well-camouflaged; I can’t see it on the thumbnails.  Bobcats are beautiful and very rare.  It’s exciting to have a trail cam pic of one and it’s the only bobcat photo we have!  The bobcat is the smallest of the 4 main cats in the lynx family.  The male bobcat can weigh up to 40 lbs and the female up to 33 lbs.  Their favorite prey is rabbit, but they will eat pretty much anything they can catch.  Many of their kittens don’t make it to adulthood; they become prey for other animals, even owls!  The greatest enemy of the bobcat is the coyote, and this area is inundated with coyotes!  Possibly the reason why we’ve only seen one bobcat pic!

Bobcats are on the prowl from about 3 hours before sunset until midnight, then again for 3 hours after sunrise. . .

We posted some signs . . .


Bobcats are solitary animals who have clearly marked territories.  They are also creatures of habit, and tend to run the same paths and trails everyday, making their “rounds.”


We have also noticed some strange wilderness companions hanging together (or possibly barely tolerating each other) in their natural habitat . . .


Comment a caption for this one! Priceless!

Mine is . . . “if it looks like a skunk and if it smells like a skunk . . .”




Just beautiful!

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