Sweet Mustard Dip

I just want you to have this recipe for fall, for the holidays, for spur of the moment company and, of course, if you have deer hunters in your life, you will need this Sweet Mustard Dip recipe for their snacks.  I know I could sell this stuff for $4.99 a little jar.  It goes well on everything, from crackers and cheese to grilled, smoked sausage on a steak roll.  It’s awesome on ham sammies, hand-battered chicken tenders and complements hot peppers tremendously well, and keeps in the fridge for a long long time. And three words:  Homemade Hot Pretzels.  Uh, yum!!!!



The hunter’s cheese plate:  super spicy buffalo, gouda, and Cracker Barrel, crackers, pepperoncinis and SARDINES.  All accompanied by this amazing Sweet Mustard Dip.

But now that I have mentioned the Four Mile Ridge Hunters, you just have to humor me for a bit.  These guys have hunting down to an art.  Their style of hunting never ceases to bring a smile to my face.

You see, I’ve experienced a lot of deer hunting.  No, not personally, mind you, but vicariously, throughout my life, and I can tell you one thing.  I have never seen deer hunting the way that it happens on Four Mile Ridge.  It is a sight to behold.


“I smell sausage gravy . . .and biscuits!”

First, the deer here, apparently, are late risers and that is a very good thing.  Because this team needs their rest.  And eats.  These Four Mile Ridge hunters head to the garage at 6 0r 7, then make a full breakfast on the flat top grill . . . eggs, bacon, sausage, toast.  By the time they roll out (and I mean roll out) around 8 or so, it’s full daylight.  I’m thinking the deer will not only hear them but see them coming from about a mile away (but what do I know).  Actually, it works out really well because the deer have a chance to live long lives and flourish and eat grass and acorns in complete safety.


“Is he really going down on another Reese cup?”

Anyway, after about 20 minutes of hard core hunting (or napping???? and I know there are Reese’s cups and possibly Snickers bars involved) they roll back to the garage to meet for the ever-interesting “road hunt” or as we non-hunters call it . . . lunch.  Lunch involves loading up in an SUV or truck and disappearing for the afternoon?  No kidding.


Then, they return for the evening hunt.  It’s about an hour, (and it’s oh-so-cold, and they’re texting and looking at Facebook) then darkness falls and they are exhausted from traipsing around in the woods all day, worn out from the sheer effort of it all, the bitter cold and (just maybe – carb overload) they need snacks, soup and sandwiches.  Hunting is hard hard work.

DSC_0001 DSC_0006

Make mine with mustard.


Sweet Mustard Dip

By October 10, 2015

Just in case your sardines need extra mustard - this Sweet Mustard Dip is absolutely delicious.  Serve it with sausages, hand-battered chicken tenders, cheeses and crackers, hot peppers and hot pretzels.  Uh, yum!!!

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Yield : 1 cup



Mix all of the ingredients together with a whisk and keep covered and refrigerated.  DELISH.

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2 Responses to Sweet Mustard Dip

  1. ritahcrowe

    Hey, my husband is one of those Four Mile Ridge hunters — and you have captured it just as I have described it for years! Between cooking for each other, and eating whatever grub they, you and I wrestle up for them (plus the pickled pups,ugh, and other junk food that sneaks into the mix) and the naps, and sometimes a trip to some local establishments to share their sitings — our cute deer are actually pretty safe. This year Don will be hunting from the Love Shack turret, on the other side of the mountain from you, and I’ll be downstairs, cooking on that old wood stove and making lots of racket with iron skillets and such, maybe singing. Yep, I think the neighborhood Bambies are going to be safe.

    • Profile photo of Julie

      LOL! It’s truly an experience. I can’t think of anything we do that’s comparable. . . maybe a wild weekend in NYC, but hey . . .that’s only like 2 days! This is two weeks!!!! I’d like to have all of their cholesterol levels checked pre and post. Crack me up.

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