Our first week of vacation, Joss T and I were both, sadly, really messed up with allergies.  We coughed, felt like zombies and coughed some more.  Joss’ eyes both matted shut and we had to do eyedrops, which must have been pretty traumatic for her.  We are both allergic to grass pollen or something.  Ug.

But, I did learn something new.  A spoon full of honey at bedtime really does help with a cough.  I mean really helps with a cough.  Joss and I both had lots of honey.


For Father’s Day, we celebrated by having everyone over.  Sid made more wings and we ordered a GIANT (like 36″) Gianni’s pizza.  It was so good and we really did eat it all.  No more pizza for awhile.  Shwew.


Wednesday was wing night!  Finally we had all four sisters and all the kids, except Joss, together!  Fun for everyone.  Except poor Sid.  LOL!


This guy strolled through, sniffing around for some pulled pork, which I had just brought in from the smoker in the garage.  The dogs didn’t even hear, see or smell him coming until Sid fired the gun, twice, to scare him away.  Yikes.


I got some amazing pictures of the sunset at the top of the ridge.  Gorgeous.

We’ve been reading lots of books and taking advantage of the awesome free activities that are available at the public library.  Last week, the magician and this week the Mad Scientist.  We also made it to toddler time at the library this week (you’d think I was a librarian, or something)!  The library is giving, as a prize, a chance to win a $500 college scholarship for completing a book log and reading 10 books.  Sweet!

Joss met Chuck E Cheese and played games on Monday and, then today, Joss and I got to go swimming, for the first time this summer.  It wore her out!



Sid built us a beautiful fire and we roasted weinies and made S’mores.  And finally, I think I’m getting the hang of vacation . . .




I could so get used to this.


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