Smoke Hole Caverns and Seneca Rocks

Road Trip!  Around lunchtime we headed out for West Virginia and had an awesome afternoon at the Smoke Hole Caverns.  The new lodge/gift shop is gorgeous and full of some beautiful items like Vera Bradley and some gorgeous scarves and dresses, home decor all in a huge log cabin.  The caverns were amazing and Joss T tried her best to fall in every water feature and scare me to death.  I swear.


I vaguely remember being there when I was small and riding on someone’s shoulders through some parts of the cave.  It is a narrow and windy path with lots of concrete and metal steps, more adventurous than I thought!


They say there are a million stalactites in this cave room.  I believe them.


These are some wavy stalactites.  I think they’re called speleothems.  The tour guide said they were bacon strips.


Yummy cave water that Sid and the tour guide couldn’t wait to drink.  Yuckers.  There isn’t enough oxygen in cave water to sustain fish, but there’s an aerator in this water so there are about 5 trout in there.  Joss wanted to take a dip in there something fierce.  Pretty much had to restrain her from falling in, and that was just a tiny bit wracking on the nerves.


Fresh mineral water, straight from a big formation.  Pretty cool, but no thanks!


Joss and the bathtub formation, she did get in that water!  56 degrees F in the cave, so I don’t think tubby time would be very cozy.  She also attempted to pilfer a dime from out of there.  Dear Heaven.


Some more amazing cave creations. . .


More cave water!  So creepy!  There’s an underground lake in this cave that is huge – about 35 feet deep in spots and about 100 feet long and 50 feet wide.  It goes back under a big rock ledge I have no interest in snorkeling, swimming or scuba diving in there ever.



Here are beautiful Seneca Rocks, available for climbing and hiking and riding horses all the way to the top.  What a gorgeous part of the country!  Great day or weekend trip with lots of little cabins to rent along the way.  Next trip, we’re checking out Dolly Sods!

Here’s a link!

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