Sid’s Trail Cam Pics: Snapping Turtle, Deer, Black Bear, Wild Turkeys and Coyote

My morning commute:

Slow lane.  This is a giant snapping turtle.  They bite, and their neck is highly flexible.  They are fierce and can eat anything that fits in their mouth.  Snappers should not be picked up by their tails, as this can cause damage to their tails and vertebrae.  Dragging a snapper off the road is also dangerous because it can cause scratches that create a risk of infection.  Snapping turtles can live to be over 100 years old!!!


Rush hour.  Speed zone photo enforced.  Tickets are in the mail!


He’s large and in charge!  The black bear is very unpredictable and males can weigh between 100 – 500 lbs, with females weighing about 30% less.  They will eat anything and they like a habitat that includes difficult terrain.   They can climb very well, and have been known to develop terrible habits when they find trash or a convenient food source.  A local family was recently very rudely awakened by a black bear attempting to climb into their oldest daughter’s bedroom window.  They moved.

Bears are supposed to hibernate in winter.  We see bears on the trail cams year-round, so I’m not sure about this.  Bears can run at speeds of 20 – 30 mph and are very strong.  They have excellent sight and hearing, but their sense of smell is 7x stronger than a dog’s.  Bears can roam territories up to 80 miles.

I like seeing bears.  In the zoo.  🙂


Wild turkeys are everywhere here and I love to see them strutting in the mornings on my way to work!  I saw two with their tails fanned and their feathers fluffed one morning last week.



This is one guy I never see on my morning commute.  Why?  He is Wile E. Coyote.  Sneaky and slinky, he makes our dogs bark all night and his pack yips and yelps outside the windows sometimes.  He’s an opportunistic eater, most of his diet is meat (he prefers fresh), but he also likes berries, fruit and will even raid the garden.  Coyotes can be unpredictable and have been known to attack people, pets and even small children.  They are especially dangerous when they have been fed by people and become accustomed to human interaction.  Bobcats and coyote both enjoy many of the same species of prey.  Coyotes are fierce when fighting over territory and have been known to kill bobcats.


I wouldn’t trade my morning drive for the Beltway, ever.

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