Honey Mustard Chicken – aka Alice Springs

This chicken dish is simple, juicy and just a little different.  We all love it and since the mustard brings virtually no mustard-y taste to the dish, Joss even likes it!  And she is eager to inform anyone who’ll listen that she doesn’t like MUSTARD. Now, since my cousin, Steve Clark, was stationed in Alice … Continue reading

Taste of Summer: Grilled Pulled Pork Pizza

This Mother’s Day/Prom Weekend was the nicest, weather-wise, that I remember for a looooong time!  I loved seeing all of the beautiful dresses on FB and getting some much-needed exercise in (don’t worry, I didn’t overdo it)! Only glitch was my poor old horse, Shelby, started wheezing and needed to see the vet.  She’s 24 … Continue reading

Planting Strawberries

Perfect light for picture taking this evening.  Oh my gosh.  Joss T and her Daddy planted strawberries in some old keelers a that he bought a few years ago.  Keelers are buckets used for collecting the maple sap or sugar water. Joss is already a self-proclaimed expert on everything (including planting strawberries).  At 3.   … Continue reading

Chocolate Chip Cookies – aka “Chippers”

The first, original and best portable snack would be the cookie.  I love them.  I really do.  To infinity and beyond.  I don’t care that they are a holiday food.  I don’t care if they are not healthy.  I would eat them in a boat, I would eat them while afloat.  I would eat them … Continue reading

Wonderful Weekends – Little Meadows and Savage River

During these last few weeks of school, it gets harder and harder to want to go to work.  We try to pack a whole week into my two days off.  Yesterday we walked around the lake at Little Meadows and took some stale bread to feed the fish, but there weren’t many, just the standard … Continue reading

Stuffed Strawberry Cake

What a perfect spring day we’re having!  I rubbed a pork shoulder last night to make Western North Carolina Pulled Pork and I have these Easy Cheesy Crockpot Potatoes cooking away in the crockpot!  The fam is coming over, along with a few friends, to relax in the hot tub!  Yippy!!!  Anyhow, we have an abundance of strawberries … Continue reading

Trail Cam Pics: Big Bear

Sid and I finally saw Momma Bear and the two big cubs in the field a couple days ago on our way out the driveway.  They are so cute (I still don’t want to run into them when I’m walking!) and took off with their big booties shaking down through the trees.  I’m sure they’ll … Continue reading

White Chicken Chili

Thanks, Didi, for the inspiration to try this White Chicken Chili recipe loosely based on Ree Drummond’s!  Diane is Joss’ babysitter and inspires me, not only when it comes to White Chicken Chili, but life in general. As I mentioned before, this White Chicken Chili disappeared from my house faster than any other soup I’ve … Continue reading

Roasted Whole Organic Chicken

Every Mom at my school has a week night schedule that involves running their kids to various locations for practice, games, lessons and school functions.  It’s hard to pass by the drive thru in these cases because it saves so much time and energy when dinner or after-school snacks are another hassle in a busy … Continue reading

Red Barn Panini

This recipe concept is borrowed from the Dawdy Haus Cafe at Whispering Pines in Springs, Pennsylvania.  I love shopping there, as well as the Springs Store, which is close by.  There is also Mark’s Harness Shop and the roadside stands in summer that make a drive over that way so worthwhile.  The livestock auction on … Continue reading

Rustic Sourdough Bread

My love affair with my sourdough starter from King Arthur is continuing!!  It is so much fun to share with friends, and maintaining it is a breeze.  The starter came with an extremely helpful and simple cook booklet that I’ve been recommending for everyone!  So far I have made Sourdough Grilled Pizza Crust and the Sourdough … Continue reading

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