Our First Camping Trip, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Joss’ thoughts on camping the first night were, “What?  We are gonna stay here?  ALL NIGHT?”  Next time, I have to figure out a way to take her kitty.



It was Sid’s first time camping and all of my previous experiences with camping were fairly primitive.  Not making the hike to the bathhouse makes camping awesome.  Also, hot running water makes life so much easier.

In order to save food prep time and space, I made most of the food before we left.  I put real maple syrup, marinades, Tomato Soup and Sauce (linked) and salad dressings all in small Mason jars, then all I had to do was throw the food together or warm it up when we were ready to eat.  We had Sesame Chicken, homemade pizzas on the grill and a delicious stuffed pepper rice that just needed to heat up.  The Tomato Soup went perfectly with grilled cheese and doubled as a pizza sauce.  I also made Peanut Butter Cookies, Chippers and No-Bakes for the trip.


The water park was perfect for a 3 year old.  Sid stayed at the top to supervise (and man the water guns – he had an army of 10 year olds soaking any dry, innocent bystander who came into range) (and he let Joss be a passer in the line!!! Grrr!) Then I waited at the bottom for her to come down.  Every time she got out of the water chute from the slides, she would jump up and scream, “AGAIN!!!  AGAIN!!! OH Yeah!!!!”  And her legs would whip through the water and up those steps, just pausing long enough under the bridge to wave at her Daddy, who was busy spraying people.  I think she went up the steps and down the slide 200 times.

The campground had 2 pools, a water park and 2 hot tubs, a crazy huge trampoline pillow, a small barn bounce house, a playground, a pedal car track, lazer tag park and a putt putt golf course.  How much would entrance fees for all of those activities be at the beach?  All free for campers!!!


Even though it was quite a drive from the campground, the Lancaster Brewing Company, was our one dinner out.  It was so worth it.  This urban intersection has been rebuilt to be “Green” and the storm water runoff from the businesses here is used to water these flower boxes full of tomato plants and squash, that they actually use in the restaurant.  The beer is brewed on site and this brick patio is gorgeous and dog-friendly!!!


I loved the food, local cheeses on the appetizers, local sausage and the coolest, old factory atmosphere.  Copper-covered tables and a homemade glass rack, and the place was just packed.  We loved it!

The shopping was spectacular, especially the Reading China & Glass Outlet.  There was every cooking implement known to mankind in there.  I reached a state of kitchen euphoria in there.  Aww.  And we bought a Le Creuset Fondue set for half price.  Have a mentioned I love beer cheese?



We also stopped at a place that was like Sweet Frog for donuts, where we created our own donut.  There was a mini donut fryer and 6 types of glaze, and probably 20 – 30 different toppings.  It was in Strasburg, close to Lancaster, in an old brick home.  It was called Sugar On Top (linked).  Too cute, and delicious.  The vanilla donuts were cakey on the inside with a perfect crunch on the outside. I topped mine with chocolate glaze and a raspberry jam filling.  What a delicious mess.  I want to make homemade donuts desperately.

Campgrounds like Jellystone in Quarryville, Pa, make camping so easy.  They delivered our firewood, most of the activities were free and plentiful!  On Tuesday there was even a petting zoo!  The Lancaster area is loaded with sites and the scenery is gorgeous.  Amish families in buggies, beautiful homes and corn fields and huge farms everywhere.

We just can’t wait to go back.  Next year we want to do a dinner theater and the Dutch Kingdom Amusement Park.





It was a perfect getaway.

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4 Responses to Our First Camping Trip, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

  1. Brenda

    I have a friend who has a camper and takes her cats with her all of the time.
    She has gone to Yogi numerous times for several years. I can hook you up with her, if you want. I talked to Swish and he really liked this park too. Sounds like a great time.

  2. Profile photo of Julie

    Oh my gosh! LOL! Sounds great!

  3. Joyce Vought

    Great memories!

    • Profile photo of Julie

      This trip gave us a chance to slow down and really focus on Joss before everybody goes back to the daily grind and schedule. She’s starting preschool this year. Sid’s youngest, Sam, will be a senior this year. Nick only has one more semester at Garrett, so lots of changes in store for everyone. Thanks for posting and reading 😉

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