Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Convent and Camping

Bailey Family Myrtle Beach Vacation!


We stayed in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina to break up the trip.  A three-year-old dictator confined to a car seat for 5 – 6 hours is just about enough.  The beds in NC were lumpy, Joss sat bolt upright in bed about 5 times freaked out about sleeping in a weird place.  Then right after the people outside with the rap music finished up whatever they were doing, Sid’s phone rang and the building housing Sid’s brand-new coal furnace at the gas station was on fire.  Two hours later, he was still on the phone!  The joy of owning your own business.

Once we got here, though, we remembered. . .the water is so warm and there is so much to do!!!  We love Broadway on the Beach, Barefoot Landing, water parks, the Pirates Dinner Show, the outlets and, of course, the beach!!!



Best of all, though, is the chance to spend time with family!  The cousins get to spend time together, playing and eating and just catching up!  It’s the best!



Cousins and beach buddies!  Love these kids!!



On another note, my sister, Beth, and I have been looking around at some properties.  She’s looking for a house, and I like looking at commercial kitchen spaces!  We found an (almost) perfect combination property, St. Mary’s Catholic Church Convent and Social Hall.  The church was torn down a few years ago, but the property was awesome:  a huge house with high ceilings, 2 1/2 baths, fireplaces and hard wood floors and a gigantic yard.  The stories that place could tell!  How perfect for holiday family gatherings!?  Or a gorgeous restaurant – the kitchen was massive!  The Social Hall was also very nice, with wide open floor space, beautiful flooring and a commercial kitchen.

There were just a few problems:  taxes, the roof was falling off and the heating bill. And it was remodeled in the 70s.  Ug.


We finally, after three years of looking, bought a fifth wheel camper!  I’m so excited about seeing new places, cooking out and teaching Joss T the fine art of “glamping!”

Now I have an excuse to buy more cast iron!


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