Mrs. Morris’ Homemade Chili Sauce

Hello, Friends.

I’ve been missing you . . .I haven’t posted a recipe in about 10 days.  That’s not for lack of cooking or inspiration, just for lack of time to sit down with the laptop and write.  Turns out this little break was just what I needed because today the light was perfect and the chili sauce even more so.


The first time I tasted this chili sauce was about 10 years ago, at the George’s Creek Fun Fair!  Mrs. Morris made this chili sauce in a crockpot in the back of our classroom and the smell just about drove me nuts.  All day long, sniff! sniff! and waiting for a chili dog . . .um – TORTURE.  This chili sauce leaves a lasting impression. It’s that good!

Chili dogs are an American classic.  They are messy (I have found mustard on my shirt, shoes, and a chili explosion on my console – oh wait – that was from nachos. . .) and bring back sweet memories of summer nights at the DQ when my Dad would order a foot long and consume it in three massive bites.  Confession time:  I have licked the chili from the foil wrapper.  Sad, I know.

Speaking of the foil wrapper.  Is there anything better?  Burgers and dogs taste so awesome and look so authentic wrapped in them.  The bun gets so soft and steamy.  Oh yum.  I found those foil sheets at Ollie’s for $6.99 – a box of 200.  Also perfect for restaurant quality baked potatoes.


This chili sauce is also perfect for nachos.


Hello, mucho delicioso.  You had me at nacho.

I LOVE these chrome Griswold Steak Platters (EPA 848) my love bought for me off eBay.  There are 6 of these honeys and they go under the broiler like a dream and keep the food hot forever.

When making nachos, spread the chips and the toppings around evenly.  The chips*, chili sauce and freshly shredded cheese are the only toppings that go under the broiler.  Then add the cool toppings.  The goal is to get some yum on each chip while not going overboard and making the chips soggy.  If more restaurants would read my blog, my local nacho experiences would not be so lacking.  Sigh*  I hate sog.


Bueno Nacho.

*Tostitoes Fajita Scoops!

Mrs. Morris' Homemade Chili Sauce

By July 24, 2015

Nachos and hotdogs are in some mighty fine company with this absolutely delicious Chili Sauce.  Make a batch and freeze the leftovers!

  • Prep Time : 20 minutes
  • Cook Time : 60 minutes
  • Yield : for a party



In a large French oven, brown the burger, add the onions and garlic.  Drain.  Add the other ingredients and simmer until ready to serve - at least an hour - longer is better.  Stir frequently if simmering on stovetop (does tend to stick and scorch).  Perfect for slow cooker.

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