Mint, Cucumber and Lemon Water

This combo will help you drink more water!  It breaks up the boringness (new word!) of water and gives you an energy buzz that lasts longer and feels a lot less jittery than caffeine! Plus, drumroll, please . . . there is no crash.  The lemon, cuke and mint last for 2 – 3 days, too!



So ditch the diet (soda) and drink more water!  Wa-dah!  H2O!


You will need a lemon, a cuke (real cukes in summer are even better!), mint (real mint grown in real dirt is even better!), a sharp knife and a cutting board.


Now, throw some mint leaves into a pitcher or sweet jar like this.  Now bruise the leaves.  Go ahead!  Do it!


Toss your fruit in on top.  Is cucumber a fruit?  Hm.


Chug, refill, repeat.

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