Low-Country Boil

Pretty much only two skills are necessary for making a Low-Country Boil.  Those skills would be:  boiling water and setting a timer.  Ha.  Doable.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the skill of texting.  Texting is necessary because a group invite of at least 10 people will be necessary to help eat this monster dish.

We make Low-Country Boil at the beach house, so I serve it in a bowl, but pouring it out onto a half sheet tray or even newspapers in the center of the picnic table is fun!  Cook it outside in a King Cooker or on the side burner of the gas grill, too!




Fresh corn, seafood, sausage and taties, along with family, friends at the beach!


Doesn’t get any better. 🙂

Low-Country Boil

By July 15, 2015

Low-Country Boil brings food and family together with a taste of the beach.  There are 3 skills necessary:  boiling water, setting a timer and texting in invitation.

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Cook Time : 40 minutes
  • Yield : for a party
  • Allergens :



Turn a burner on high and fill a large pot half full with water.  Add the potatoes and set the timer for 40 minutes.  At 20 minutes, add the corn and sausage.  At 3 minutes, add the shrimp.  Do not overcook the shrimp.

Set the table with newspaper and paper plates, forks, knives, sour cream, butter and cocktail sauce.  Carefully drain the hot water off of the boil and cautiously pour the pot contents out onto the table or into a large bowl or half sheet pan.


*My family prefers hot Italian sausage, so I brown it first.  This step isn't necessary with smoked sausage.


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  1. Rita

    Yummy! And a handsome gang circling the table!

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Thanks, Rita! It’s easy! And delish!

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