Homemade Alphabet Chicken Noodle

After a fairly healthy winter (#knockonwood #superstitious #jinx) we have had our first big episode of a terribly tenacious stomach bug that has left us all terrified, thanks to my fabulous, health-care employed sisters.  They’ve taken great pleasure in reminding me to NOT eat my favorite food.  They’re fairly certain that there’s no way I can dodge it.  I’ll be honest, I’m scared.  And if you’re scared, say you’re scared.  Especially since I had a salad and the kale had a lot of stems.  Dear Heaven.

Anyway, I’m fairly certain it is completely inappropriate to allude to vomit at the beginning of a food post.  Sorry, but you should hear our lunch conversations at school.  But now that Joss has pretty much seen her toenails come up, she’s fearful of food.   She won’t eat.   She has no appetite.  So out of the blue, she asks for chicken noodle soup, so I quickly pull out the ingredients and whip up a pot in the hopes the ABC pasta will motivate her to eat.


This recipe is perfect for leftover chicken . . . I had roasted two on Sunday.  It comes together in about 40 minutes and is tastes better and is much healthier than soup from a can.  It’s delicious and the simplest, most kid-friendliest version of chicken noodle ever!

Homemade Alphabet Chicken Noodle

By April 23, 2015

Alphabet pasta is so fun!  Sometimes I save a little broth from a big pot of soup, just to make Joss her own.  Learning letters has never tasted so yummy, been soo super speedy and kid-friendly!  Plus, everybody knows Mom's chicken noodle is a cure-all!



Bring the chicken stock to a boil in a large pot while adding the diced veggies as they are chopped.  Add the chicken, then the pasta.  Cook til the pasta is done and the carrots are tender.  Add a little water if the pasta absorbs too much of the broth.  Serve with dry toast or toast with butter 🙂

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  1. rhcrowe

    Can I pretend to be sick too, just to get ABCs and chicken with Joss? Although the sweet rolls fixed me right up the other day! Thanks, Julie?

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Welcome, So glad you liked them! Sure! It’s tummy warming on these unexpectedly cold days! Where’s our spring????

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