Happy Easter!

We are enjoying some of our first truly beautiful days of spring here!!!


We got this wascally wabbit all dressed up and took her to church!


I love the look of the sandals with the tights!  🙂


We got to play outside til dinner time (thanks, Mum-Mum and Pappy), then her mood began to change and she needed a nap, desperately.


Luckily, we live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet, so we took a ride after dinner and zzzz.  Ole cranky pants took a nap, and so did Joss!  LOL!


There’s a little more green out there, and more coming, especially with all of this sunshine!!!


Gorgeous, bear-free walk with my guard dogs, sniffing everything!!!

I’ll be making pizza on the grill this evening!  I hope the grill still works and I’ll be using the Simple Tomato Sauce recipe for pizza sauce.

Traditional holiday meals are great, but grilled pizza is always perfect!

So blessed.

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