Four Mile Ridge Weekend Food Forecast: Winter Storm Jonas Edition

Oh, hello, there, #WinterStormJonas.



I enjoy hanging with my JT.


Using up some day-old Homemade Bread (linked), loving my kitchen time and taking lotsa pictures.  Fruit is just SO photogenic.  And so is this pink-cheeked chickie.



Poor Sid was going great with the blower on the tractor, clearing the road, cranking some music, heater on, then his blower chain broke.  He had to hitch a ride to Grantsville and get some parts, now he’s spending hours in the garage fixing the blower and meanwhile, the snow just keeps getting deeper.

I’m super spoiled now.  I don’t have much to do when the weather gets bad.  But in the PJT (pre-Joss Turner) years, I had a small farm 5.1 miles down the road and a bunch of horses.  One winter, when I was living by myself, it snowed like this and it was a load of work.  No plow, no blower, no generator, nothing.  Just me, a shovel, a stoker coal boiler that I had to fill with 5 gallon buckets, a coal pile buried under 3 feet of snow, ashes that needed taken out, 4 hungry horses who needed fed and watered, a leaky roof and a stuck truck.  Shwew.  All which gives me an appreciation for Sid Turner and good equipment now.  So prayers for all of you getting buried under a mountain of snow with minimal help or good equipment, livestock and jobs that require you to be outside in this.  I know how you feel!

But, if you’re lucky like me, you can hang inside, watch movies, check out social media, run the vacuum and enjoy your kitchen time.  Snowy days are the best days when it comes to cranking out some yummy grub; hence, my traditional #snowdaymenu.


If you have some ham and beans, here’s my 15 Bean Soup.  It’s one of favorite blog posts and soups.  If you want to learn how to best cook dried beans, it’s a great tutorial.  This blog post also has links to my Homemade Chili, which I have stockpiled in Mason jars in the pantry.  I canned the leftovers in my pressure cooker.  YUM.  Also, White Chicken Chili, loosely based on Ree Drummond’s recipe, and Black Bean Soup, which I also pressure canned and tastes spicy and amazing over a bowl of rice or in salads or wraps, even on nachos.


Of course, you’ll need some hearty bread to go with an amazing soup . . . here’s a Whole Grain Oat Roll Recipe,


or you can make my incredible Buttermilk Biscuits,


and make some chipped beef gravy to go with it.  That’s what I’ll be making!  With Chicken Gravy and Vegetables, subbing the chicken for turkey.

Stay safe and warm, my friends.  Hopefully, we’ll take a nap and when we wake up, maybe . . . it’ll stop snowing!  And the road will be open.  And the electricity will stay on.  Prayers and wishes for a delicious snowy day menu!

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  1. Kathy

    I want to come to your house for the blizzard – YUM!!!

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Sounds like a plan! I’d love to open a lodge nearby, but someone else already took my idea. Stay warm and safe, my friend!!!! 🙂

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