Four Mile Ridge Weekend Food Forecast, Week 1

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.


I have no idea where our fall blizzard is, but the air continues to feel like spring on most days.  It’s fantacular!  I told Joss T that the scenery was too ugly to photograph, so she suggested I take a picture of the sky!  What a thinker!




I was sure we would freeze (???) at the tree lighting ceremony at Nemacolin Woodlands last night, but we ended up sweating in our heavy coats.



This weekend it’s important to use up those leftovers!  Here are a few recipes to use.  Just sub in the turkey for the chicken in the recipes.

My Homemade Chicken Noodle (linked) is amazing, simple and super kid-friendly.  Just substitute the alphabet pasta for any pasta, but most grown-ups prefer Little Barn or homemade Amish noodles.



This Chicken Gravy  (linked) is also perfect for that leftover turkey and gravy.  Make it with or without the vegetables.  Double this Buttermilk Biscuit recipe (linked) and make some Sausage Gravy for your deer hunters, maybe even some Creamed Chipped Beef (linked)!  They will love you forever.



And if this amazing weather has you feeling a little cha-cha. . . there’s always this Chicken Tortilla Soup (linked) to spice things up a bit.


Open the cans pre-shopping.  Crockpot.  Eat, post-shopping.  Win-Win-Win.

And I almost forgot – my beans (what??? how???)


White Chicken Chili.  Load it up with kale for that extra rocket boost of focus and energy.  You’ll need it after a long weekend with your kids.

And I just took a pan of this out of the oven.  To get me back on track after (you know) eating WAAAYYYY too much.


Four Mile Ridge Granola (linked).

So, use up those leftovers, rest, rejuvenate and enjoy.  The holiday season fun has just begun!!!

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2 Responses to Four Mile Ridge Weekend Food Forecast, Week 1

  1. ritahcrowe

    Julie, those photos look so yummy, I want to lick my computer screen! I’m briefly at home before I head back to the Love Shack -today was my first time going hunting! Boy, is it a lot of sitting, watching, watching, watching…for something. Enjoying the does that come to eat in the late afternoon, plus the busy chipmunks and squirrels. Two black bears during the night! Red-headed woodpecker there early this morning. So, I’m going to make your Chicken Noodle Soup on the old blue cook stove today, once I tote the leftover turkey back over there. Thanks! We have the best-fed hunters around!

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Enjoy your day, Rita! JT and I are heading outside as soon as this drizzle stops! Only wildlife we’ve seen is the game warden. LOL!!! Stop and pick up some biscuits and gravy, rolls, whatever you need!

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