Four Mile Ridge Trail Cam Pics

I love wilderness living.

Here is where we are:


  1.  Our dogs have the run of the neighborhood.

  2.  ATVs.

  3.  Porch peeing.

  4.  Quiet.

  5.  Wildlife.


Mama Bear, Baby Bear, Baby Bear, Baby Bear.  Now that would add a new twist to the old story!

We have a love/hate relationship with the bears and we have to be very careful about food and trash.  In the pre-dog era of the cabin, bears tried to get in.  There are claw marks outside where they scratched at the wooden part of the house.  They would come right up on the deck!!!  They will raid coolers left in the back of pickups and tear them open looking for snacks, like yogurt smoothies for the littles and blueberries (go pick your own!)  The dogs really hate them and pitch an absolute fit when they are nearby.  Madeline, our little lab mix, will go right up to the bears and bark at them to run them off.  She is very agile and hops away when they come after her.  Yogi prefers to bark at them from off the deck.  All-in-all, they make a pretty good team when it comes to keeping the bears away.



Tough-Deer Competition.


And now another weight class.


Actually, the turkeys were fighting over the last piece of my banana bread.

It’s just that good.

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