Four Mile Ridge: Super Bowl 50 Edition

Football = Food.


I mean I was here.  I saw the Ravens play the Steelers.  I hated waiting in line for the subway. I hated staying up late, and I really hated when I was exhausted, yawning and the game went into overtime.  I was like WAAAAAA, but the pork tenderloin with slaw and sweet potato chips were, uh, yum.  And, of course, getting to spend some time with Sid, his ex-wife and her boyfriend is always a great time!  For Reals!  😂

I may be the only true American citizen that hates football.  And loves her boyfriend’s ex-wife.  I’m sorry.


But I LOVE LoVe love football food.  I’m super excited to be making this tomorrow!


I love this Pulled Pork Pizza (linked), but since I’ll don’t have any pulled pork on hand, I’ll sub out the pork for BBQ boneless chicken breast on my Homemade Grilled Pizza Dough (linked).   But, of course, my pizza – it’ll be football shaped.  Why, you say?   Because it’s the Super Bowl, goofball!

It’s a tradition in this house to make a Giant Peanut Butter Cookie (linked) Football with Peanut Butter Buttercream Fluff (linked).  If you haven’t made this yet, you need to!  And of course, write Super Bowl 50 on it.  Last year, I had to figure out the Roman numerals for 49.  Tricky, I tell yDSC_00332-199x3001a!DSC_0035 DSC_0030

These giant peanut butter cookies are hard to resist.  Of all of the goodies I bake, this is one I never get tired of.  It is Delightful Double Peanut Butter Deliciousness and the cookie stays sooooo soft.  Heres’ my thought:  If you only eat, like 1 centimeter sliced off at a time, you never really eat a whole cookie.  It’s more like a nibble.

Here’s the Standard Algorithm for Giant Peanut Butter Cookie Eating (Source:  CCRSS or College and Career Ready State Standards . . . aka Common Core *I’m kidding, sorta)  It’s the “new math”.  But I am not gonna make you figure out the standard algorithm yourself.  I will just give it to you.  Because I’m a librarian now!!!

1 cm + 1 cm + 1 cm + 1 cm + 1 cm + 1 cm + 1 cm + 1 cm < 1 whole cookie

My Giant Chocolate Chipper (linked) or Sugar Cookie is also awesome as a giant football!

Of course, I’ll save some room for Sid’s delicious wings.  His Sweet Hot Sauce is outrageous (back to food because all that math makes me sweaty).  Truly the best I’ve ever had, some buffalo chicken dip, a football-shaped cheese ball with crackers and, of course, to offset all the bad, we’ll have a football-shaped veggie tray (I’m sensing a theme here!) with Ree Drummond’s Blue Cheese Dip .

If you haven’t already, follow me on Pinterest.  I have pinned a few ideas for football parties, but my appetizer board is loaded with app ideas.

So, to those of you who love football . . . today is your day!  Scream at the TV like they can hear you!  Party like it’s 1999 and eat, drink and be merry!  But don’t drive!!!

I can’t wait to see the commercials!!!


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