Four Mile Ridge: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


Our little cupid . . .mwah!!!!

Relationships are tricky.  I’m really not the romantic, mushy type.  I mean, if you want to show me you love me, get a broom in your hands or wash a dish or 20 or fold a load.  Yes!  Now, that will Make. My. Day.

I go around thinking I’m pretty easy to live with:  I am Mommy, I’m (fairly) responsible, I do laundry like a fiend, I can cook, I can clean (YUCK), I can pay for my own stuff, and I am super good at coming up with one hair-brained scheme after another (it’s called creativity, darnit)!  I’m a real gem, I tell ya!  😉



But, I must confess:  I am; a little bossy (in a good way, I mean I have leadership skills), I’m stubborn (in a good way, I mean I have the tenacity of a pit bull and I never ever give up), and I am driven (in a good way, of course, like I will make the same cake or pizza crust 42 times until I get the exact texture that I want).

BTW, make these I Want to Marry You Cookies.  They are delish.  And for a lovely V-Day, Flounder Stuffed with Crab Imperial is easy, yet appears fancy . . .

But easy to live with?  Maybe . . . Maybe not?

Sid would prefer to eat a can of ravioli and watch learning TV (this is a topic for another blog post, in its entirety, all by itself, dear Lord, help me) and search the sale sites for the perfect Suburban (Oh, please let this one, the one Sid has, be it.  The perfect one).


So I expect him to take on more because I’m taking on more, and he says, “Ok.”

Now that is love.

And he brings me coffee.  😍

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3 Responses to Four Mile Ridge: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  1. ritahcrowe

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, we knew you were a KEEPER, from day one! Sid almost doesn’t deserve his luck — to have you and Joss in his life. But then again, he does. Happy Valentine’s Day, darlins!

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Thank you, Rita!!!! We loved the card, JT read it to us several times! Hilarious 🙂 Hope you are both feeling better!!!

  2. Michael Garrison

    Why haven’t I heard of you before is what I would to know! Can’t wait to visit, it maybe this week or weekend.

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