Four Mile Ridge Weekend Food Forecast, Week 3

The Christmas season is upon us, but the weather continues to feel like spring on Four Mile Ridge.  Usually we’ve had a few snow days (my favorite, btw) by now and I’ve been doing soups and roasts, stews and loving every minute of it.  But, who knows how long these temperatures will last, so I’m planning on getting OUTSIDE today and getting some exercise and enjoying it while it lasts!!!

Tree shopping was so unseasonably pleasant.



We got our trees from Bittersweet Acres.  Ed Geis’ farm on Route 40.


Whoooo?  You, Silly!!!


So, this morning I’m thawing and browning some burger for Mrs. Morris Homemade Chili Sauce (linked) which we can use on some grilled hot dogs later!


And on some awesome nachos tomorrow!  I love love love to infinity and beyond, this sauce on these nachos.  Sweet heaven they are so good I could eat them everyday.  NOT EVEN KIDDING.


Put the chili sauce in the crockpot and shop, walk, decorate or wrap while dinner does it’s thing.


The Savage River farm has still been growing salad greens, kale and spinach; a salad would be so amazing for lunch today!  If you can’t get any, just use store-bought, organic baby spinach and kale for that extra boost of energy for these busy weekends.  Here’s the link for this salad – this Blueberry Peach and Parmesan Salad is amazing.  And the dressing takes literally one minute to make and uses Pure Local Maple Syrup and Balsamic Vinegar.  Substitute Mandarin oranges or Halo segments if you are unable to find any nice peaches.


And this Greek tortellini salad goes great with any picnic food (aka, hotdogs with homemade sauce).  It’s a family favorite!!!  YUM!  No frozen tortellini?  Just sub in your favorite pasta!!!

This morning, I’m going to be testing some more cookie recipes, here are my (almost) world-famous Chippers (linked!)  You’ll be using the holiday chips instead of the Easter ones.  LOL!!!  For extra fun, dunk half of the cookie in melted chocolate, white or milk chocolate, and sprinkle with a  few fun red and green sprinkles.


I’m excited to start planning my Christmas morning Bailey family brunch menu and I’ve been seriously craving some focaccia bread with EVOO and balsamic dips.  I love that stuff.  I’m also experimenting with Christmas Mocktails and punches.  Kid-friendly and fun!

Keep me posted about your Four Mile Ridge Favorites and enjoy this beautiful warm weather!!!

Thanks for reading!

Your oh-so hungry chili-sauce-cookie-bakin-food-blogger-librarian on Four Mile Ridge,



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