Cold Snap!

Blizzard clean-up was necessary this morning!  Sid was super excited to get out in the tractor because he’s been cooped up while his ankle is healing from surgery about a month ago.  Lows around -10 this morning with a wind chill of -26 means that a batch of homemade bread was needed in the oven to take off the chill and make the house smell great.


Yogi was thrilled to see us all outside!  He’s our turkey-catching, screen-porch-eating, stranger-scaring 160 lb. lab-Pyrenees cross.  We can’t leave boxed wine on the sunporch anymore because he likes a sip.  Or a whole box.  Then he turns the porch furniture upside down, knocks over the decor and sleeps all afternoon.


He can’t handle his booze.

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