Chicken Marsala

Enjoyment was had this three-day weekend, in spite of sadness in our community.  I baked.  Made some epic messes.  Hung with my Doodle.  Had a play date with J Ritch and Grace B at the Bounce House Place.  Went to Tough Man.

It’s been a long time since we had a babysitter, like months.  And for my one night out a year I go to Tough Man?  There is something oh-so wrong with this.

We also spent some time enjoying our new Craftmatic adjustable bed that Sid figured we needed.  I was folding clothes and I heard an aircraft flying over very low . . . shaking the whole house.  I thought, “Holy cow, he’s landing on the roof!”  I go rushing outside in the 0 degree weather and scan the skies.  Nothing.

I come back in and the vibration seems to be getting worse.   Joss screams out, “Mom, is that the washer??”  Didn’t appear to be . . . then we finally figure it out.  Our new Craftmatic has a shaking setting on it . . . like the kind you put the dime in at a cheap motel.  Go figure.

It also has landing lights underneath, like the kind on a runway.  Just.  so.  romantic.

So, that’s our long weekend!  And a Tuesday 2-hour delay.  Only thing that would be better would be a historical snowstorm of epic proportions coming our way on Friday.  WHAT???  Did you say it’s really going to happen!!!  The girls at school want to have a blizzard SLEEPOVER on #fourmileridge.  And I am over here like, “Don’t wait til Friday, come now!!!!”  We can all pile on the Craftmatic, watch the storm and trash TV at the same time and drink Dirty Bananas.  Sid, check the generator.  We’re gonna need power:  for the bed, the TV and the blender.  Wonder if the hot tub is wired into the generator?  Check on that, too (I’m kidding.  Love you, Hon).

So, when you’re out buying TP for #TheBlizzardof2016, pick up some chicken, fresh mushrooms, fresh garlic, a bottle of Marsala cooking wine (Colombo is really good, about $12 a bottle), butter and flour, and some chicken stock.  You probably already have salt and pepper (if not, use Montreal Steak Seasoning), right?  Now you can make this delicious dinner!  And all you need is source of heat – if your grill has a side burner, you can use it when the power goes off (just not in the house.  The grill guide says that is a bad idea).

First, clean up the chicken and split it, so it’s not so thick.  Put the chicken in a ziplock bag, then flatten it with the flat edge of a meat hammer or tenderizer.  Pour about a half cup of EVOO and a half cup or so of white wine in the bag and let it marinate for awhile – all day is too long, maybe a half an hour at the least or a couple hours at most.  Remove the chicken from the bag and let it drain on some paper towels, blot a little, too.

While the chicken is draining, mix in a small bowl:  two cups of flour, salt and pepper.  Melt some butter in the bottom of a cast iron skillet, but don’t brown.  Dredge the chicken in the flour mixture and put it in the hot skillet.  Sorry about those splatters.  Your stove needed cleaned anyway.  What the heck did you buy it for if you weren’t going to get it greasy?


Now, check the chicken with some tongs by lifting it up.  When it’s golden brown, flip it over.  Now, heat up another small skillet with butter and a little crushed garlic.  Toss in the sliced mushrooms.  I used to do the mushrooms in the same skillet, but I never have enough surface area, another skillet works best.  Saute the mushrooms in the butter and garlic til they are golden brown and smell awesome, shut them off.


When the other side of the chicken is brown, pour in the bottle of Marsala cooking wine.  Sniff!  It’s awesome.  Now, add some chicken stock.  Let the sauce reduce by about half  (maybe 5 – 8 minutes? )- at anytime adding the mushrooms.


Shred some parmesan cheese and add some freshly chopped parsley and you have yourself a perfect, easy dinner.  Fancy enough for a special occasion, but easy enough for a weeknight.


If your sauce does not thicken enough for your liking, add a Tablespoon of flour to a 1/4 cup of water and drizzle little into the skillet at a time while stirring to thicken.  Serve over rice or fettuccine with a bright green veggie!


Nothing says love like Chicken Marsala . . . except for  . . . maybe . . . a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed.


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