Canning Tomatoes and Camping in Mill Run, Pennsylvania

Many emails and phone calls later, I am finally just a few pieces of paperwork, a dough hook and a batch of cinnamon rolls away from the Frostburg Farmer’s Market.  What a trip!

Last week I was buried alive in a tomato avalanche and the pressure was on because we had scheduled a camping trip for the weekend.  I finally surrendered on Thursday night and called out the sisterhood for a little assistance with the maters.  I am proud to see that with 6 hands instead of just my two I finished the tomato sauce, packed for camping AND baked a batch of Chippers (linked).  I only forgot my laptop (dang, the campground had wifi!!!), the ranch for the veggies and the butter.  I was lucky that was it.  Thanks, Boop and Kris!  I would have been up ALL NIGHT without your help!




It surely felt like fall on our camping trip.  Very cool and rained all day on Saturday.  Our camper was super comfy and dry and lots of big campfires kept us warm!  We loved spending time together, cooking, eating (pulled pork baked potatoes) and catching up.  The kids got some bouncy balls and were entertained with them for hours.

The recipe for this tomato sauce is basically the same as my recipe for Simple Tomato Sauce.  To process, add a little lemon juice and process in a hot water bath for 40 minutes in quart jars.  I can post this soon!

I couldn’t believe that the campground had a chili and appetizer cookoff while we were there and I missed it.  I had Homemade Chili (linked!) that I had canned in the pressure canner, but no crockpot!  We tasted them all, though, and they were delish!  Especially perfect considering the weather.  Next time we camp so close to Ohiopyle, we’ll take Joss to Kentuck Knob or Fallingwater for a tour.  She loves blocks and building!




Somewhere in between the pits of mater h*ll and the camping trip, I got these gorgeous pics of the sunset!


The mountains . . .


An amazing spider who eats and re spins his web everyday; he lives in the old bell on our deck.


And a gorgeous and fairly large snail, who either posed or played dead for his photo op.



Fall decor came out!  Inside, first – then outside!



I love my mums and enjoy them so much every year.  Sid got me six huge ones and they are just gorgeous!!!  Welcome to the changing seasons.  I looooove them all.


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