Betty Lou’s Cranberry Relish

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so blessed.  I thank God every day for all of my blessings.  This little sweetie is one of many.


Thank you, all, for continuing to check out my recipes and read my posts . . . I love blogging, and although it continues to be a work in progress, I love sharing my life and food experiences with you all.  My blog reached 20,000 views this week!  So . . . thank you!  Every click counts.


My Mom is doing the Thanksgiving dinner (thank you sooooo much, Mom!!!), so I took on a bunch of baking jobs.  What an experience.  My Homemade White Bread (linked) recipe is cranking out of the Hobart in double and triple batches.  My Homemade Cinnamon Rolls with Maple Coffee Glaze (linked) have become a bit popular and I ran out of all-purpose and bread flour, round pans and just about all of the sugar.  Baking is hard work.




Sid and I will have an awesome lunch and hilarious ugly sweater photo op with the Bailey’s, but both of his boys have to work, so we will celebrate with them and their Mom later in the day.  I rubbed a Smoked Maple-Glazed Ham (linked!) and we will put it in the smoker tomorrow.  I also made some Maryland Crab Dip (linked) and I’ll put the Easy Crockpot Cheesey Potatoes (linked) in tomorrow morning as well.


I’ll also be making a fresh batch of Betty Lou’s Cranberry Relish.

Cranberries are truly one of the best flavors of fall.  Or summer.  Well, maybe winter too.  I love cranberry relishes, salads, craisins, and baking and cooking with cranberries.


Cranberries aren’t just another traditional holiday flavor, though, they have enough cancer-fighting antioxidants and health benefits to be classified as a super food!  This cranberry relish takes, literally, minutes to make and tastes amazing!  I can’t stop eating it.

A huge thank you to Diane Sipple, who shared this recipe with me and gave me the go-ahead to share it!  It is her Mom’s recipe!  Thank you Betty Lou Winner!

Happiest of Holidays to You!


Betty Lou's Cranberry Relish

By November 25, 2015

Cool, delicious and so simple, this cranberry relish recipe will add a perfect touch of light and cool to your meal.

  • Prep Time : 5 minutes
  • Yield : 1 quart


Use a food processor to grind up all of the ingredients - put the orange and 1/2 of the orange peel in first.  Process til finely chopped.  Keep refrigerated.

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