2015 Maryland Buy Local Cookbook

What a perfect way to end a wonderful summer vacation!

I’m thrilled and honored to be on page 30 of the 2015  Maryland Buy Local Cookbook (linked)!  Rita Crowe (thanks, Rita!) sent me a link to this opportunity, and after pages of paperwork and multiple emails, my recipe was selected.  I was super disappointed to be unable to attend the actual Cookout!

My CSA, Savage River Farm (linked!), which is right across the Savage River from us, was more than willing to donate the food and attend with us!!!



Buying Local is important to me; I believe in the power and importance of small businesses.  It’s hard work and a 24/7 responsibility!  People’s creativity and drive are what amaze me most – and these qualities are becoming more and more rare.  The qualities of persistence and the ability to do hard work with precision are extremely hard to find!  It’s Ok to have high expectations!!!

I also love buying food:  cheeses, veggies, meats and fruit that come from places I know.  Where I know the food wasn’t picked early, left to sit in a truck or warehouse for weeks or treated with steroids and antibiotics or pesticides.

The recipe that was selected for the 2015 Buy Local Cookbook is Garlic Basmati Rice with Summer Squash and Mushrooms (linked!).  Simple and delicious, and perfect for this time of the year, when zucchini and squash are overtaking kitchen countertops!



This recipe for Garlic Basmati Rice is my go-to for any rice dish – it’s easy and no-fuss!  Never buy those weird bags of flavored rice at the market!  This rice turns out perfectly every time and requires nothing more than melting butter, crushing garlic, boiling stock and setting the timer.  The rest of dinner prep can take place while the rice is cooking, and I add whatever extras to this rice after it’s finished cooking.  It also reheats very well.


I love food and I love sharing my recipes and ideas with others, whether it’s with a person who shares my passion or someone who is just willing to experiment or try!!!  I love when people care about their food choices and what they are feeding their families.  I also love hearing stories about those who are just learning to cook, successes and failures, building confidence and creativity – trying new foods and methods of cooking!!!  I really appreciate those who have read and posted, on FB and here, on the blog.  It brings me much joy!

Most importantly, though, let’s not forget the most important and under-appreciated group of all:



I can’t wait to try that Hushpuppy recipe!






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6 Responses to 2015 Maryland Buy Local Cookbook

  1. Barbara Hammonds

    Congratulations, Julie !

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Thanks, Barb! Lots of seafood recipes in the cookbook! I’m ready to try some of them!

  2. Jenn

    YAY Julie!! Congrats!!!

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Thank you! Has your Le Creuset been busy? I just put beer-braised burgers in the oven in mine. Gotta love it! 🙂

  3. ritahcrowe

    Congratulations, Julie! I knew they were looking for YOU for this cookbook! We love to buy local, and love Hana and Ben and the folks at Savage River Farm too. I will be trying this recipe later this week!

    • Profile photo of Julie

      Hahaha! Thanks, Rita! I’ll be looking for taste testers for this year’s Mountain City Cookie Contest! 🙂 You and DC up for the challenge?

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