Homemade Buttermilk Waffles in the Griswold Waffle Iron

Hello, three-day weekend!!!  Here, on Fourmile Ridge, the weather has been phenomenal, Joss is loving Pre-K and the my cottage food biz has been growing (shameless plug coming . . . ) And these fondant unicorn cupcake toppers.  I can’t take it.  The candle is the horn – or corn as JT calls it. I … Continue reading

Popovers and Honeymooning in Bar Harbor, Maine

First, a huge thank you to those of you still using my recipes and wondering if I was EVER going to post anything ever again!!!  Hello!  I did not forget about blogging; it is always in the back of my mind . . . just hanging out and waiting for me to get my stuff … Continue reading

Hummingbird Cake

The school year is drawing to a close and I am LOVING the idea of an early summer!  One. More. Week. Everyone knows that I am a huge fan of snow days, but I must admit . . . having the whole entire summer off is way way way awesome!!!!  In between all of the … Continue reading

Samoa Cupcakes

Spring is such a tease.  A few weeks ago, it seemed as if we had finally kicked old man winter’s butt, but it was all an oh-so cruel hoax.  And now we’ve had snow for like the past three or maybe even four nights.  It’s ridiculous. As the winter weather continues, so does the baking. … Continue reading

Homemade Sweet Potato Chips and Maple Dip

Hello!  It’s your long-lost blogger/baker/liberry lady on Four Mile Ridge here.  Just in case you’ve been wondering, I’ve been going through some copious amounts of butter, sugar and flour in the evenings.  During the day, I’m scanning books and teaching technology to the Crick’s finest.  America’s future . . .👏🏼 📚 💻 little kids. JT had a round … Continue reading

Perfect Snow-White Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

Well, Sid had his gall bladder out. He came out surprisingly well and I’ve had a time trying to keep him off of his feet for the past 24 hours.  LOL!!!  No one was more surprised than me . . . I thought he’d be milking it for all it was worth!!!  Good Daddy! I’ve … Continue reading

Four Mile Ridge Wilderness Lodge Cookies

I love wilderness living.  The forest around our house is a never-ending source of inspiration, peace and sanity for me. And although I love to visit the city, especially NYC, for girls’ trips and to see a show and have a fancy dinner, I just know I could never live in the city. I need … Continue reading

Four Mile Ridge: Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Our little cupid . . .mwah!!!! Relationships are tricky.  I’m really not the romantic, mushy type.  I mean, if you want to show me you love me, get a broom in your hands or wash a dish or 20 or fold a load.  Yes!  Now, that will Make. My. Day. I go … Continue reading

Four Mile Ridge: Super Bowl 50 Edition

Football = Food. I mean I was here.  I saw the Ravens play the Steelers.  I hated waiting in line for the subway. I hated staying up late, and I really hated when I was exhausted, yawning and the game went into overtime.  I was like WAAAAAA, but the pork tenderloin with slaw and sweet … Continue reading

Raspberry-Glazed Baked Mini Donuts

Please say a prayer for my dear friend, Kristina and her daughter, Paige.  Paige has a serious health issue and is going in for her third surgery in a two week period (for a total of 15 or 16).  She’s in kindergarten and has missed so much, and Kristina just registered to go back to … Continue reading

Zuppa Toscana (Creamy Kale and Potato Soup with Italian Sausage)

Disclaimer:  I do not have ADD.  I do not know why this blog post is all over the place.  But it is.  Apologies in advance.  Read on at your own risk. Barista Coffee School is in my future. I’m sure that I could change the world for the better as a barista.  One cuppa Joe … Continue reading

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